Yesterday's Noise is Tomorrow's Silence

K r y s i a   K o r d e c k i

  artist; occupied with sound

Yesterday's Noise is Tomorrow's Silence

Recently, I’ve been concerned with the ideas of noise and silence, and where these things might meet and overlap. My ongoing research into these themes has led me to believe that the two are inherently linked, one often snowballing into the other.

For me, sound has very sculptural qualities in the way it can fill spaces, and can be manipulated in material. By using this relationship, I am combining traditional sculptural processes with current audio technologies and methods to discover how we might relate to noise and silence on both a personal and political level.

In the installation sculptures either create sound, alter how we experience sound in space, or visually explore the sonic ideas surrounding the work.

The installation consists of:

Two public tannoy speakers playing sequential sounds of dial up internet, Geiger counter sample, political speeches translated into Morse Code, instant messaging being typed on a keyboard.

Speakers suspended from chains playing a constant loop of digitally produced tinnitus simulation.

Two high density foam headstone sculptures. By walking in between them you are encouraged to find the sweet spot where the high frequencies of the tinnitus simulation are cancelled out.

Hundreds of acoustic treatment pyramid tiles, chopped up, piled together on the floor.

A speaker cast in plaster.

Audio/Video documentation at the bottom of the page.

The work was part funded by Glasgow Life, exhibited for the first time as part of Glasgow International 2016, and subsequently exhibited at OXO Tower Wharf in London as the winner of the Project Prize category of Celeste 2016, with further developments allowing this to be part of UK Young Artists Festival in Derby in November 2016.

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