K r y s i a   K o r d e c k i

  artist; occupied with sound


   Jan 2013

Collaboration with Amy Pickles and Justyna Ataman.

Funded by Artstore, our aim is to create a physical aspect to sound. The audience/participant is in control of eight ‘sound structures’ – each containing part of an eight-track composition and each structure on wheels. The audience/participant is encouraged to respond to the sounds in a more 3 dimensional way – by moving the structures through the space in order to create their own layers within our given soundscapes. You decide how you wish to engage with the work, and with one another. This project has the potential to open up our experiences of sound, and our experiences of interacting with others.

Through this collaboration we hoped to build a strong network for communication amongst people from many different backgrounds whilst providing an opportunity for learning and exploration into the curious media of sound, sculpture and space.

For the installation that took place at SWG3 in January, we held an open-call for sound works that would utilise the 8 track format for our 8 structure installation. We had almost 30 sound participants worldwide, including:

Sarah Boothroyd // Alex Tobin // Max Weisskopf // Gordon Douglas // Byron Huang Dean // Mark Lyken // Laura James & Samuel Rodgers // Boom Merchant // Sam Kidel // Adam J Scarborough // Hugh Pottinger // Olga Kaliszer // Paul Zaba // Ailsa Margot MacKenzie // Kristian Kamp // Max Milne & Adam Hunt // Konus Kalamanda // Chiara Kickdrum // Mark Othmer // Frances Davis // Ariane Jackson // Darius Kowal // Mark Bleakley // Agnes Miroslava Amelia Gryczkowska & Alexander Heskith Lewis Johnston // Claire Adams Ferguson // Emad Parandian // Krysia Kordecki

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