Artist Statement

K r y s i a K o r d e c k i

artist; occupied with sound

I am interested in the way our senses direct our experience of the world around us. I am particularly interested in the effects of sound; and the power it has over the body and mind. I investigate this intangible medium by attempting to make it tangible. I do this by channeling sound through material and through space; creating, often participatory, installation and sculpture. I also have an interest in field recordings, which often become translated into compositions or live performance. Recently I've been concerned with the ideas of noise and silence, and the relationship between sound and material. I am currently making a new body of work that uses this relationship to explore both the personal and political implications of these ideas. Media includes concrete, tactile transducers, bubblewrap, ear plugs, acoustic foam.


Krysia graduated from GSA's Sculpture & Environmental Art course in 2013 and has since worked as an Arts Specialist at Hospitalfield Arts, held artist residencies in both Scotland and Croatia, exhibited her first solo show as part of Glasgow International, and subsequently won an award for this work in the Celeste Prize 2016. Most recently she was programmed as part of UK Young Artists in Derby 2016, and is being represented by Vertex Art Gallery, London.


Krysia continues to live and work in Glasgow, currently completing her Masters in Sound Design & Audiovisual Practice at the University of Glasgow.

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